About the Name "LifeStyle Financial Network"

LifeStyle - A way of life or style of living

We all have a lifestyle that we enjoy. It is our wealth that creates the lifestyle that we have grown to enjoy.  In other words, it is our wealth that determines our lifestyle. Without our wealth, our lifestyle would indeed change.


Financial - Refers to money matters

In our case, financial not only refers to money matters, but it must also include the management of money. Sometimes it is called Wealth Management. Wealth Management is the process of systematically and simultaneously building wealth and preserving it.  It involves expertise in: financial planning, asset management, insurance, tax management, and estate planning strategies.


Network - An extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and remain in contact for mutual assistance or support

There is no way one person can be an expert in all areas which affect your money and that is true even in my case. That is why I have created a network of financial professionals who can help provide specialized guidance when needed. I have a working relationship with many different financial professionals: CPA’s, mortgage brokers, business bankers, insurance agents, long-term care professionals, tax and estate attorneys, and money managers through LPL Financial.